America’s Robot Pizza Chefs

Your takeout pizza may be cooked by a robot in only a couple short years. An American startup called Zume needs to convey mechanical technology to the area pizzeria.

Zume is adjusting robots to perform a large number of the tedious errands required in pizza making, CNBC reported. That incorporates putting on the sauce and putting the pies into the broiler. (more…)

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Uber Experimenting with Self-Driving Trucks

Uber needs to get into the trucking business with self-driving semi-tractors. The organized transportation arrangement supplier paid $680 million a self-sufficient truck startup called Otto.

Otto; which has 91 individuals and 15 semi-tractors, intends to build up a self-sufficient cargo hauler. Its originators are Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) veterans who need to make semi-tractor trailer rigs drive themselves. The huge apparatuses will serve as the premise of a logistics stage and part of a coordinated transportation framework. (more…)

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