AI Writes its Own Code, will it kill jobs?

The New York Times assures us that AI writing computer code is “good news for humans” and not a threat to professional programmers. To elaborate, Codex, a new application from OpenAI, can write code for basic programs.   OpenAI Codex instantly passed the coding challenge Alphabet (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB) give to programming job applicants, Tom Smith tells Times writer Cade Metz. Smith claims Codex wrote a program that replaces all the spaces in a sentence with dashes and a program that identifies invalid ZIP codes instantly. OpenAI Codex then completed several other coding tasks fast.   OpenAI is the AI research and development company Elon Musk founded. OpenAI’s mission to build artificial general intelligence, or highly autonomous systems that can outperform humans at economically valuable work. If the claims about Codex are true, it sounds as if OpenAI is achieving that goal.

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