Will Kroger finally adopt Apple Pay?

Kroger is one of many large US retailers that have resisted NFC, probably because of security concerns. However, Kroger started testing NFC including Google Pay and Apple at QFC stores in August, Retail Dive reports.

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Chase Pay is Available

chase Pay the primary installment application offered by an expansive US bank; JPMorgan Chase and Co , is currently - here kind of. The arrangement authoritatively propelled on the App…

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Apple Pay Debuts in Japan and Crashes

Apple Pay finally launched in Japan on October 24, and ran into some serious problems. It was not able to connect with the mobile payment system that serves Tokyo’s train stations.

That was a real embarrassment in a country; where most people commute by train. Train-fare is one of the few items that Japanese are willing to buy with electronic payments. Many of them use contact less electronic payment cards to get on the train, but refuse to use credit cards at the store. (more…)

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