What will Obama do?

I have to wonder if Obama, has noticed Yang’s Reaganesque qualities and is helping Andrew. Remember, the two men offer similar policy prescriptions.

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Why Moderates hate Trump

What motivates the center’s pathological hatred of Donald J. Trump? My suspicion is moderates hate Trump for blowing up America’s complacent political culture.

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Warren is the Democratic Front Runner

I think Warren will win the Democratic primary, if Sanders drops out. Additionally, Sanders’ departure will force media favorite and former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) to drop out.

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Is Trump Impeachment Inevitable?

Hence, an impeachment inquiry will have little effect on next year’s presidential election. Under those circumstances, an inquiry will disappoint both Democrats dreaming of the President’s destruction and Republicans fantasizing about a Trump landslide.

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Why Andrew Yang is the Leader America Needs

  Thus, Yang is revolting against the elite and its agenda of culturism. To clarify, The Oxford Living Dictionaries describe culturism as a “Belief in the relative superiority or inferiority of certain cultures;” or, “discrimination or prejudice based on assumptions about culture.”

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