Can Trump TV Succeed?

I think a Trump media venture could be an enormous success. However, that media venture will need to leverage existing resources and utilize the President’s proven abilities.

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The Democratic Debacle

Ordinary people got the memo. The memo was: “Biden and Democrats plan to do nothing for you. Biden and Democrats have no plans to help or your families. So go to hell.”

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Is Fox Corporation making money?

Notably, the Fox Corporation was not among the 21st Century Fox assets, The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) bought in 2019. Fox Corporation’s assets include Fox News, Fox Television Stations, the Fox Broadcasting Company TV network, Fox Business, Tubi, and some operations of Fox Sports.

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Does Trump Want Reelection?

I think former President Donald J. Trump could rake in $100 million a year with his “brand.” Thus Trump could laugh all the way to the bank while having fun mocking his enemies.

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