The Incredibly Growing Amazon

Some Amazon customers can pay utility bills using Amazon Pay with the help of fintech firm Paymentus’s Instant Payment Network (IPN), MarketWatch reports. Amazon claims customers in 95% of US ZIP codes could pay utility bills with Amazon Pay by 2020.   Paymentus is a privately held fintech company that operates a bill pay service for PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL). The fintech market growing fast, Stockrow reports PayPal’s revenues grew by 18.87% in the quarter ending on 30 September 2019.

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Is Alibaba Making Money?

Interestingly, Alibaba’s income numbers are similar to Amazon’s. On 30 June 2019, Stockrow gives Amazon a quarterly net of $2.625 billion and an operating income of $3.084 billion. Hence, Alibaba’s income was slightly larger than Amazon’s income.

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Is Baidu a Value Investment?

However, Baidu could have a 93.2% market share in the world’s second largest economy. Trading Economics estimates China had a gross domestic product (GDP) of $13.608 trillion in 2018. Plus, China had an annual GDP growth rate of 6.4% in 2019.

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Is GameStop Making Money?

Retail apocalypse poster child GameStop (NYSE: GS) has an unlikely savior in the form of Big Short hero Michael Burry. Bizarrely, Burry’s investment firm Scion Asset Management admits to owning three million…

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Is Amazon too Big?

Many people are asking is Amazon too big because of the sheer size and power of the Everything Store. The most dramatic and dangerous effect of Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) size…

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The Amazon Scout Wheeled Robot hits the Streets

Amazon Scout; a six-wheeled robot is making deliveries in Snohomish County, Washington State, and Irvine, California, a press release and media reports claim. Interestingly, they design Scout; which is about the size of a baby carriage, to operate on the sidewalks.

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Are Alphabet and YouTube making money?

Consequently, many Alphabet subsidiaries operate in unprofitable cutting edge businesses. For instance, Waymo is developing self-driving vehicles, DeepMind creates artificial intelligence, Nest Labs works on the Internet of Things (IoT), and Verily Life Sciences is dabbling in healthcare and medicine.

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Proof Television is dead

Frighteningly, data from the United Kingdom shows television viewership could soon fall far lower. UK media regulator Ofcom estimates Britons between 16 and 24 watch just two minutes of TV news a day, The Guardian reports. In contrast, people over 65 watched 33 minutes of TV news a day.

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