Review: Maybelline Super-stay 14 hours

This long-wearing lipstick is tireless, and will unquestionably get you through 6 to 8 hours of normal wear before you require a touch-up. (Why organisations want to overstate their wear claims has neither rhyme nor reason—isn’t 12 to 14 hours impressive amazing) While this has a creamier surface than some long-wearing lipsticks, it’s not the most agreeable lipstick. It’s somewhat tasteless and you can feel the shabbiness on your lips, yet to a specific degree the surface and feel involves inclination, alongside some exchange offs that accompany long-wearing lipsticks.

The finish is semi-matte, however the shading is rich and durable. While it smooths on effortlessly, the set time is somewhat longer than normal. About each shade has some level of gleam, whether you can see it in the tube or not; even the most matte-looking Ravishing Rouge has specks of shimmer in it you’ll see once connected. (more…)

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Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7: Battle of the smartphone cameras

Best premium cell phones, Android ruler, and the best camera ever on a cell phones: Google Pixel is getting an extensive variety of distinctions. With the Note 7 now dead, Samsung doesn’t for the most part have another pioneer for whatever is left of 2016. Besides, iPhone 7 doesn’t look a considerable amount of an overhaul, except for maybe the matte dull shading elective which is lovely. (more…)

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