World’s Healthiest Bed

For years I searched for the best bed on earth. Support, that is not absolutely great 'ol moulded. I looked, yet already comprehended what the best and most healthiest bed…

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The Robotic Gourmet

The world’s first robot gourmet is here. A company called Moley Robotics has created a robot that it claims can cook “any dish from anywhere in the world.”


Moley’s Robotic Kitchen consists a set of robotic arms that can do all the kitchen chores. The Kitchen’s hands look like those of a real human being; they have five fingers which means they can do everything, including washing the dishes. (more…)

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Apple Pay Debuts in Japan and Crashes

Apple Pay finally launched in Japan on October 24, and ran into some serious problems. It was not able to connect with the mobile payment system that serves Tokyo’s train stations.

That was a real embarrassment in a country; where most people commute by train. Train-fare is one of the few items that Japanese are willing to buy with electronic payments. Many of them use contact less electronic payment cards to get on the train, but refuse to use credit cards at the store. (more…)

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No one wants AT&T and Time Warner to merge.

Even Time Warner’s CEO once cautioned us against these arrangements. The $85 billion media merger — the greatest since Time Warner’s past and fizzled marriage, with AOL in 2000 — has cocked eyebrows over the political range and in the business. AT&T could indicate the marriage of Comcast and NBCUniversal to contend, “Why not us?” Regulators and customers could indicate the same and contend, “Never again.”

You had a lot of people saying you should’ve combined a donkey with a rabbit and gotten a flying unicorn.

Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes, sometime in the distant past, about the AOL bargain he restricted and his suspicion of corporate realm building.


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