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Nine Ways to Be Productive at Home

The best way to become more productive when you work at home is to become more efficient in your house and yard work.

Increasing your efficiency is easy. All you need to do is make your work productive. Fortunately, there many ways to increase your productivity in today’s world.

Technology provides many labor-saving devices that can cut the amount of time you spend on housework. There are also many strategies and hacks you can apply to reduce the amount of time you spend on housework.

Here are Nine of the Best Work at Home Productivity Tips Around:

Reduce your mowing time with an electric mower

Replacing your gasoline-powered mower with an electric an save you time and money.

Electric mowers can save time because you will not to spend time filling the gas tank. You also save time because you will not to have to go to the gas station to buy fuel for the mower.

Another big advantage to an electric mower is safety. You will not need to store flammable gasoline in your garage or shed. You will not have to worry about young children drinking the gasoline, or gasoline fumes.

Another benefit of an electric lawn mower is the lack of pollution. You will not be breathing in exhaust as you mow and your children and pets will not breathe exhaust.

You can save more time because electric mowers start at the turn of a switch. That means you will not have to spend time trying to start the engine by pulling a chord.

Reduce your yard maintenance time with electric tools

Besides lawn mowers they now make many electric tools for yards. You can buy electric blowers, weed eaters, trimmers, chainsaws, and rototillers.

That means you can keep your yard looking neat with no exhaust fumes. You can save more time by eliminating the run to the gas station for fuel. Instead of fueling the devices you can spend your time doing the actual work.

Plant wild flowers and other native plants in your garden and yard

Wild flowers and other plants save time and money because they require less care.

Wild flowers require less water, so you can reduce the time you spend watering them. Many wild flowers are more resistant to pests so you will not have to spraying them with pesticides. That can save you time and money and reduce the need for toxic chemicals in your yard

There are many native plants besides wild flowers you can plant in your yard. Native shrubs and bushes look great and they require less maintenance. Cactus and other desert fauna require little water and care because they are hearty.

A little research into your area’s native plant life can reduce the time, effort, and money you spend in the garden. You can learn about your area’s native plants by contacting the garden society, a local university or an agricultural extension service.

Use car pools or ride share to haul kids or elderly loved ones around

Chauffeuring your children or elderly relatives around is one of the most time consuming activities in your day. Instead of working you are either driving or sitting in your vehicle listening to the radio and waiting for somebody.

You can reduce the time you spend driving with ride shares and car pools. You can use ride share apps such as Uber and Lyft to locate professional drivers who will be glad to haul your family around. A great way to save money is to have parents who live close to each other chip in to pay for an Uber Lyft ride for a group of kids.

You can organize a car pool among your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and other parents. The parents of kids in a football team can take turns driving the kids to practice, for example.

You can organize similar car pools to haul older relatives to the doctor, or the grocery store. Or to take pets to the stylist or the veterinarian.

Shop Online

Shopping trips are one of the biggest wastes of time and money in the average person’s day.

A run to a big box store; such as Walmart or Costco, can take several hours. Even a trip to the grocery store can take or three hours.

Today, you can eliminate most shopping trips by shopping online. In many cities, Amazon Prime will deliver everything you need including groceries to your doorstep with free shipping.

Other online retailers such as Walmart can ship most merchandise to your doorstep in or two three days. Services, such as Shipt and Instacart will pick groceries up from your favorite store and deliver them to your house.

Replacing most of your shopping trips with online shopping can give you several extra hours a week for work or relaxation.

Use grocery pickup to reduce your shopping time

Many grocery stores now offer free pick and pull of online orders. Pick and pull means a store associate pulls the order and has it waiting for you.

Walmart offers free pickup at most of its stores in the United States. Most Kroger grocery stores offer free pickup if you shop online. To see if pickup is available check the store’s website. Most grocers now offer online delivery for pickup orders.

Using pickup can reduce a shopping trip to a few minutes. Pickup can save you money because you do not go in the store where you will be tempted to buy stuff you do not need.

Use meal kits to make cooking faster and easier

A meal kit is a package that contains all the ingredients you need for a meal with a recipe.

Meal kits can save you time and money because they eliminate the need to shop for ingredients. There is less preparation time with a meal kit because ingredients are prepacked and selected. Meal kits are healthy because you can cook a fresh home cooked meal for the price of a fast-food burger.

Meal kit services such as Blue Apron save you more time by planning your family’s menu for you. Investing in meal kits can reduce both the expense of takeout and the time you spend in the kitchen.

Use robots in your home

Robotic vacuums such as the Roomba can save you vast amounts of time. For example, you will not have to vacuum or sweep your floor each day.

Instead, Roomba can perform that chore for you. Hence, you can give yourself an additional fifteen or 20 minutes or half an hour every day.

Similarly, iRobot builds a line of robots that can perform a variety of household chores. For example, iRobot offers the Braavara Robot Mop, and Terra robot lawn mower in additon to its famous Roomba robot vacuum.

By using robots you can keep your house clean and your lawn tidy without breaking your back.

Xeriscape your yard

Xeriscaping is a sytle of landscaping that requires little or now water or maintenance.


For instance, you could replace your lawn with gravel or native grasses. You could also plant native wildflowers in your flower beds. Other popular examples of xeriscaping include replacing shrubs or hedges with native bushes, cacti, or desert plants to save water.


Proper xeriscaping can reduce the amount of time you spend working the yard and your water bill. One huge advantage to xeriscaping is that you can eliminate the need for expensive and elaborate sprinkler systems. Instead, you can have a great looking yard without spending several hours a week, mowing, weeding, hoeing, and watering.


In the final analysis there is no reason to work yourself into exhaustion to make your house or yard look good. You can have a clean, tidy, and attractive home while performing a fraction of the yard and housework your parents did.