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The Voters Trump Will Need

To achieve reelection next year, President Donald J. Trump (R-Florida) needs to mobilize two fascinating subgroups of voters. However, Trump is a master of mobilizing those voters.

Trump’s electoral success rests on his ability to bring out two interesting groups of voters. I classify those groups as the Scared White Christians and the Angry Males.  

Scared White Christians fear America is a post-Christian nation. In addition, some people fear white Christians will become a persecuted minority in America.

Vox’s Ezra Klein believes demographics drives scared white people’s fears. In particular, the speed at which white Christian America is shrinking scares some people.

Scared White Christians for Trump

Klein notes that Pew Research estimates 54% of Americans were white and Christian in 2009 when Barack Obama (D-Illinois) entered the White House. However, only 43% of Americans were White and Christian when Donald J. Trump entered the White House in 2017, just eight years later.

I estimate America could have a non-Christian majority by 2039, if America’s Christian population keeps shrinking at the rate Pew found. For instance, Pew found 78% of Americans identified as “Christian” in 2009. By 2018; however, 65% of Americans called themselves “Christians.”

Thus, Pew estimates the percentage of Christians in America fell by 13% in nine years. If that trend continues the percentage of Christians in America could fall to 52% in 2029 and 39% in 2039. Consequently, 61% of Americans could be non-Christian by 2039.

Why Scared White Christians vote for Trump

Under those circumstances, many Christians want an aggressive protector in the White House. They think Trump; whom they (wrongly) view as a New York street fighter is that protector.

Those Christians believe Trump is tough, strong, aggressive, and ruthless. In addition, they think he will fight aggressively for “white America.” Klein thinks Trump panders to such individuals’ fears.

For example, The Washington Post; hardly a friend of the White House, observes “The Trump administration fans out to defend Christianity across the political spectrum.” Consequently, some Christians such as The American Conservative’s Rod Dreher think Trump protects religious liberty by appointing conservative federal judges.

Donald J. Trump Defender of Christian Civilization

In a recent column, Dreher writes: “I think all of the Democrats running for president are far more personally decent than the jackass who made fun of Debbie Dingell’s dead husband the other day.”

“But all of them are for keeping it legal to exterminate the unborn, and to compel religious institutions to accept gender ideology,” Dreher writes. “Nope, I’ll take the personally corrupt short-fingered vulgarian, and won’t apologize for it.”

I think Trump brilliantly appeals to people such as Dreher by playing to their fears. In particular, Trump appeases such individuals by making a few moves to protect what Dreher and company see as “Christian civilization.”

For instance, the Trump administration is trying to stop federally-funded clinics from referring women to abortionists in violation of the First Amendment, the Associated Press reports.

Trump and the Angry Male Vote

The other group of voters Trump appeals to is more diverse and harder to pin down. I call that group the Angry Males because most of them are angry men.

To clarify, those who believe the establishment has cheated them so they want to screw it back. Or more precisely they believe the establishment has wronged them so they want to strike back. An obvious way for such voters to strike back is to vote for anti-establishment candidates such as Trump.

I think many Angry Males believe Trump is a corrupt and incompetent clown and an asshole. Those people voted for Donald because they believe he will hurt the establishment.

Unlike, the Scared White Christians, the Angry Male voters have no coherent ideology or world view. Instead, those voters are a collection of angry and frustrated people who are mostly male.

Meet the Angry Male Voters

A typical Angry Male voter is a middle-aged working-class white man who has seen his high-paying factory job vanish. Another example of an Angry Male voter is a 30-year-old white male who believes he will never have a good job or a significant amount of money.

A more interesting example of the Angry Male voter is a leftist angry at Democrats for not nominating his hero Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) for president. Other Angry Male voters could include black men frustrated by racism and police shootings, and the Alt-Right.

The Angry Male voters threaten Trump because they have no loyalty to anybody and no faith in anything. Unlike, the Scared White Christian, the Angry Male will vote Democratic if he thinks it will hurt the system and “screw the man.”

Many Angry Male voters respond to Trump because the establishment hates the Donald. Thus, a great way for Democrats to steal Angry Male voters is to paint Trump as the establishment.

The Voters who can cost Trump the White House

Another way Democrats can snatch the Angry Male vote is to pick a candidate the establishment hates more than Trump. That person is U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).


Sanders tell the Angry Males what they want to hear, that the Billionaire Class has fucked them. Bernie then tells the Angry Males how he plans to screw the Billionaire Class on their behalf.


Hence, most of the Angry Males’ concerns are economic; they believe the elite is rigging America’s economy against them. Meanwhile, the Scared White Christians’ concerns are cultural, the Scared White Christians believe the secularist elite is trying to destroy them and their faith.


Therefore, I think Trump’s reelection focus needs to be on the Angry Males because they will abandon him. I think scared Christians; such as Dreher, have made their choice and will stick by Trump come hell or high-water. However, the Angry Males are still undecided and many of them are looking for alternatives to Trump.