Three Democrats who could Beat Trump

I think there are three Democratic candidates who could beat President Donald J. Trump (R-Florida) in 2020. Those candidates are U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Sanders (I-Vermont), Andrew Yang (D-New York),…

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The Voters Trump Will Need

Trump’s electoral success rests on his ability to bring out two interesting groups of voters. I classify those groups as the Scared White Christians and the Angry Males.  

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The Strange Death of Clintonism

At its worst, Clintonism became a dull Republican lite that drove away voters. Clintonism takes its name from its most prominent advocate; President William Jefferson Clinton (D-Arkansas), who dominated the Democratic Party for a generation.

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Could Amazon Doom FedEx?

Consequently, The Verge brands Amazon a “serious rival to FedEx and UPS.” Hence, Amazon could become America’s dominant delivery brand within three years. Thus, we could live in a country where Amazon is the average person’s first choice for delivery orders. In other words, FedEx’s worst nightmare could soon become a reality.

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Can the Morpheus Network cash in on Shipping?

Impressively, Morpheus claims to have over 100 integrations built into its blockchain. Those integrations include interfaces with major corporations and popular software. For instance, there are integrations with SWIFT, FedEx (NYSE: FDX), UPS (NYSE: UPS), Ripple (XRP), Oracle (NYSE: ORC) Microsoft Dynamics, AccessPay, Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), DHL, and China Post.

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Is Peloton Making Money?

There is no value at Peloton for investors. Instead, Peloton offers an interesting lesson in the power of Woke Culture and the need to avoid initial public offering (IPO) companies.

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