Wayfair is Losing Money

Moreover, Wayfair is growing at a dramatic rate. Stockrow estimates Wayfair’s revenues grew by 35.17% in the quarter ending on 30 September 2019. However, that growth rate was down from 41.56% in the previous quarter.

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Is Bank of America a Technology Company?

I think BOA’s revenues point to an interesting paradox in Fintech; the faster and more efficient Fintech gets, the less money it makes. Digital financial technology makes banks faster and more efficient but they make less money.

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Neo the Blockchain for Developers

Thus, Neo could make money by combining AI and DApps. In addition, Neo could function as a GitHub for DApps and AI. To explain; GitHub is the giant code sharing and collaboration service Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) paid $7.5 billion for in June 2018.

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PayPal Grows and Grows and Grows

The number of PayPal accounts grew from 244 million in 2nd Quarter 2018 to 277 million in 1st Quarter 2019 to 286 million 2nd Quarter 2019, Statista estimates. Thus, PayPal gained nine million accounts in 1st Quarter 2019. Impressively, I estimate PayPal added 26 million accounts between 2nd Quarter 2018 and 2nd Quarter 2019. In addition, Statista estimates PayPal’s peer-to-peer (P2P) app Venmo had 40 million active accounts and a $24-billion net payment volume in 2nd Quarter 2019.

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