Is Baidu a Value Investment?

However, Baidu could have a 93.2% market share in the world’s second largest economy. Trading Economics estimates China had a gross domestic product (GDP) of $13.608 trillion in 2018. Plus, China had an annual GDP growth rate of 6.4% in 2019.

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Is Trump Impeachment Inevitable?

Hence, an impeachment inquiry will have little effect on next year’s presidential election. Under those circumstances, an inquiry will disappoint both Democrats dreaming of the President’s destruction and Republicans fantasizing about a Trump landslide.

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Why is Ethereum Surging?

More importantly, Ethereum offers a “build your own cryptocurrency kit” that lets anybody create her own crypoturrency. Hence, anybody can build an Ethereum marketplace, based on his own Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC20) token.

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Why Andrew Yang is the Leader America Needs

  Thus, Yang is revolting against the elite and its agenda of culturism. To clarify, The Oxford Living Dictionaries describe culturism as a “Belief in the relative superiority or inferiority of certain cultures;” or, “discrimination or prejudice based on assumptions about culture.”

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Some EOS Stablecoins

Presently, there only seems to be a market for USD stablecoins. However, I think there will be a demand for Euro stablecoins soon. On the other hand I cannot tell if there is a market for Yuan or Yen stablecoins.

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If You Hate Billionaires Vote for Andrew Yang

Yang is one of the few people; and the only prominent US politician, working to prevent that dystopia. Under the present circumstances, I think a billionaire-ruled dystopia is inevitable in America without vast structural changes to our economy and political system.

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Is Capital One Making Money?

Capital One generated $4.236 billion in operating cash flow and $4.013 billion in free cash flow from its products in the quarter ending on 30 June 2019. In contrast, Capital One reported a negative investing cash flow of -$5.138 billion and a financing cash flow of -$2.705 billion in the same quarter.

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