Who is Winning the Democratic Presidential Primary?

Voters care about economic not cultural issues. Notably, the one major candidate focused on cultural issues, Buttigieg, is fading fast. Meanwhile three of the most successful candidates, Sanders, Warren, and Yang focus on economic issues. However, the media will work hard to make the race about culture.

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What Value does Scalability have in Cryptocurrencies?

Therefore, scalability is the key to crytpocurrency profitability and commercilization. In fact, I think all the other cryptocurrency attributes; security, privacy, anonymity, robustness, are meaningless without scalability. Additionally, the public will not use blockchain utilities like stablecoins if they are not as fast as Visa or MasterCard (NYSE: MA).

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Hyperloop Test Track Planned in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia needs fast large-scale people movers because 2.372 million Moslem pilgrims visited the country for the Hajj in 2018, the Saudi government estimates. To explain, a Hyperloop could theoretically move millions of pilgrims to Mecca for the Hajj from airports all over the country.

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Is Amazon too Big?

Many people are asking is Amazon too big because of the sheer size and power of the Everything Store. The most dramatic and dangerous effect of Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) size…

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