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Transit on Apple Pay, Buy Gold with Google Pay

You can pay for transit on Apple Pay and buy gold with Google Pay.

Eight US transit agencies accept Apple Pay, Apple Pay’s website claims. Transit systems that accept Apple Pay include New York’s Metro North and Long Island railroads, the MBTA or T in Boston, Ventra in Chicagoland, and San Francisco’s CalTrain.

However, the biggest agency accepting Apple Pay is New Jersey’s NJ Transit which operates commuter trains in the Garden State. Importantly, NJ Transit also operates the PATH trains between New Jersey and Manhattan. In addition, Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) accepts Apple Pay.

Unfortunately, the Apple Pay website does not say if buses accept Apple Pay. In fact, I think it likely that only ticket vending machines at train stations; which already take credit cards, accept Apple Pay. The RTC in Las Vegas also accepts Apple Pay.

In addition, Apple does say if subways in Chicago and Boston, and the Monorail in Las Vegas accept Apple Pay. Hence, commuters will still need to buy a bus pass or carry a pocketful of change.

Buy Gold with Google Pay in India

Google Pay users in India can buy gold with the App, claims. To clarify gold refiner MMTC-PA is accept Google Pay payments for 24-karat gold.

In fact, Google Pay users can buy and sell gold at the latest price in India. However, Indians had better buy that gold fast. The High Court of Delhi is asking the Reserve Bank of India to explain why Google Pay is operating in India without the central bank’s permission.

Hence, Google Pay could be illegal in India and shut down. Until then Indians can buy gold to mark Hindu holidays with their smartphones.

Is TokenCard Planning a Visa?

Ethereum platform TokenCard (TKN) is sending emails that state applications are being taken for a TokenCard Visa.

However, there is no sign that the Visa; or TokenCard Alpha. is close to reality. Instead, TokenCard’s website states: “Sign up here to access the TokenCard alpha. Get ready to deploy your Contract Wallet and spend with your Visa Debit card. Welcome to the Ethereum economy.”

However, there is no evidence the Visa debit card which will work with TokenCard’s Ethereum wallet is actually available. Instead, TokenCard is seeking people who are interested in the Visa.

I think, TokenCard fans will have a long wait because of Visa and MasterCard’s hostility to cryptocurrency cards. Instead, TokenCard is looking for user for its new Wallet. I will believe in a TokenCard Visa when I see one.