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6 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online in 2019

The internet is littered with crude banners and pop-up ads promising ways to make untold riches from the comfort of your own home. “Make money online” is one of the most frequently used terms online, which is unsurprising given the allure of being able to sit in your pajamas all day racking up dollars from your laptop.

While a lot of these posts are scams, there are still plenty of tried-and-tested ways to make serious money online – the kind of money that pays the rent. Here are the best genuine, legitimate ways you can make money online in 2019. 

Start Selling

Studies have revealed that the average family home contains around $77,000 worth of personal items and possessions. The vast majority of this is stuff you’ll likely never use or even remember that you own. Free up your space and your finances by setting up an online store or eBay account and selling your unloved items. 

Monetize Your Web Presence 

If you have your own blog, website, or social media accounts with a decent following, there’s money to be made. You don’t to be a big-name influencer bagging major sponsorships, you can simply rent out some of your online space to an ad affiliate program. In exchange for letting businesses place ads on your site, you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month by doing nothing. 

Become an eSports Pro 

The field of competitive video gaming has gotten bigger than anyone expected, turning into a billion-dollar industry within the space of a few short years. The best gamers now earn salaries comparable to top athletes. These days it is clear that it’s a big business, with everything from MMA, to CFL to eSports, every possible sport can be bet on, proving how large the fanbase is, with people betting big bucks on their top players. If you think your Fortnite skills are up to scratch, start practicing and soon you could be getting sponsored by the big boys. 

Allow Ads on Your Devices 

This one can be annoying, but it’s a way to earn decent money online without doing anything at all. Apps such as Nielson and Ibotta will pay you hundreds of dollars a year as long as you install their app and allow ads to run on your phone and laptop, whilst also letting them track your spending habits for their own market research. 

Sell Your Knowledge 

If you’ve ever had any kind of career or study experience to speak of, chances are you can monetize that online. You can be paid to teach English online via video chat, earning as much as $100 an hour. If you have specialist skills, use sites like Upwork to sell your expertise to the highest bidder. Earning money online is all about recognizing the value of the skills you already have.

Become a Virtual Assistant 

An increasing amount of work is done remotely these days. One effect of this trend is that big companies and CEOs no longer need their personal assistants to be on hand in the office. You can sign up to personal assistance platforms and be hired by big companies to do their editing, bookkeeping, events planning, and timetabling online, without ever having to leave your home. 

While it may once have been a dream sold to the gullible, working from home is now a viable and lucrative career choice for anyone who has a laptop. Whether you want to become a pro gamer or an e-commerce vendor, all of these options are open to you.