Will Crypto Assets Make Money at BlackRock?

Instead of trading cryptocurrencies, BlackRock is studying blockchain and crypto assets. For instance, BlackRock is exploring crypto assets by hiring former Ripple (XRP) product manager Robbie Mitchnick for its “Digital Wealth Team,” Forbes staff writer Jeff Kauflin claims.   To clarify, the Digital Wealth Team is a working group that is studying blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, and other emerging investment classes. Importantly, Fink does not reveal how BlackRock intends to use blockchain or what crypto assets BlackRock could invest in.

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Exploring Stablecoins with Stably or StableUSD

Thus, StableUSD is a payment application Stably disguises as an altcoin. Therefore, a good way to view to USDS is as an interface between the banking system and the crypto economy or Ethereum blockchain.   Stably’s creators hope to popularize StableUSD by not charging fees for its use. For instance, the Stably team hopes to tap the $689 billion remittance market.   To elaborate, remittances are money people wire to people in other countries. For example, money an Argentine living in Brooklyn sends to his mother in Buenos Aires.

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