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Finance Veteran Joins BitMinutes ICO Effort

Fintech startup BitMinutes has hired a highly-experienced finance executive to help with its initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO). Paddy Atmuri will serve as BitMinutes Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and oversee an ICO scheduled for March 1, 2018.

BitMinutes plans to take financial services to the world’s two-billion unbanked people with a smart token that combines guaranteed low-cost loans, money transfer, and prepaid minutes for mobile devices. The plan at BitMinutes is to leverage a medium that many people in developing nations are familiar with; prepaid phone minutes, to create a market for financial services.

The basis of BitMinutes is the BMT digital wallet which will offer payment channels, peer to peer (P2P) cash transactions, BMT smart tokens, access to the Ripple network, access to SWIFT and MasterCard, and access to the RTGS bank network. The hope is to create a blockchain channel by which people anywhere in the world can access the banking system by buying phone minutes.

Individuals would be able to use the minutes to buy airtime for mobile devices, make P2P transactions, buy BMT Tokens, and make money transfers. Users of BitMinutes would also be able to use prepaid phone minutes as collateral for small loans.

Atmuri Brings Mainstream Financial Experience to BitMinutes

Atmuri will bring mainstream financial experience to BitMinutes. Atmuri has overseen multimillion finance and technology projects for a number of Fortune 500 companies; including Coca-Cola, Cargill, Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Benjamin Moore, Accenture, and 3M in his career.

“His financial acumen, along with his high comfort level in managing within the constantly changing landscape that is the cryptocurrency space,” BitMinutes CEO Tom Meredith said of Atmuri.

“As a start-up enters its major growth phase,” Meredith noted. “Financial discipline is a critical success factor. Paddy has the skills to keep us growing smartly; even as we are poised on a period of rapid growth in 2018, and he has a passion for our mission.”

“The outcomes I achieved through my most recent assignments were all about managing change and capitalizing on the opportunities that arose from that process,” Atmuri said. “I am excited to apply these agile skill sets as CFO to the incredible mission BitMinutes in taking on.”

Atmuri is the latest addition to what BitMinutes calls a world-class team of talent from around the globe. You can see all the members of the team at the BitMinutes website.

A glimpse of the BitMinutes’ Platform and full details about the BMT Token ICO are available at