High Tech Packaging Solutions – The Need of the Hour

High Tech Packaging Solutions – The Need of the Hour

Packaging is one of the main drivers of marketing strategies, apart from the fact that it protects the product sold – its primary purpose. When business owners look for packaging solutions they need to ensure that the primary function is taken care of perfectly, and a good design team can add the visibility factor.

The Design Process

Designing for packaging is a scientific process which involves a combo of engineering and data. It starts from the drawing board, where business owners and packaging experts home into a final design. The blueprint is not complete without hard data and research from the market, so consumer reaction and perception are taken into consideration. Packaging and technology go hand in hand, and the latter will help the concept’s metamorphosis into a finished product.

As part of the creative process, aesthetics, design and colours are some of the core factors. The top packaging professionals communicate with clarity with the business owners regarding design process, which will include digitized renderings too. The next stage is the prototype phase, where 3D models are analysed keeping in mind ergonomics, demographic preferences, and color finishing and matching. Consumer insight is an important part of this stage. The last processes involve the proof of concept stages, including the unit mold build and lab testing.

Customized Solutions

Customization is the core concept when it comes to high-quality packaging, from the material used to the design finalized upon. Many business owners have a very stringent quality evaluation process when it comes to their products and the packaging solution has to be integrated into these standards. Maintaining continuous supply is another prerequisite when choosing a packaging partner. Packaging professionals understand the scale of a business and their efficiency is integral to the entire production model.  Different industries need to leverage different packaging technologies. Some of the common applications for packaging include dairy, water, beverage, nutritional products and food. Chemicals require a different set of best practices when it comes to packaging, along with automotive products.

Keeping in Green

Environmental concerns are growing, and the packaging industry has a huge responsibility to mitigate waste and encourage greener solutions. End to end solutions in packaging has now been redefined to incorporating recycling too. Plastic bottle manufacturers are now using 100% PCR (post-consumer regrind) which is an environmentally friendly solution as treated recycled material is being utilized for another cycle. Such manufacturing models help in reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

A top industrial gallon bottle supplier is CCC, Consolidated Container Company, which boasts a ‘concept to shelf’ design process along with innovative manufacturing techniques that adhere to the highest standards. Some of the clients include Talenti Gelato, Seventh Generation, Turkey Hill and Kemps. From 3D modelling to consumer insights and retail scenario mock-ups, the company has a diverse portfolio that will fulfil all packaging requirements.

When you choose your packaging provider, you need to look for expertise, flexibility and scalability, upward technology and most of all, a partner who understands the message of your product.

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