4 Ways To Better The Visual Merchandising At Your Store

4 Ways To Better The Visual Merchandising At Your Store

Visual merchandising, in simple terms, refer to how a product is displayed for sale at a store. If the display is attractive enough that it invites the customer to come and check it out, then that is considered as a good visual merchandising. And if you are considering improving the display of your products, then the following four tips are sure to come in handy.

Unclutter The Display

Given that the purpose of a display is to bring a customer’s attention to a product, one would assume that a little decoration would be sufficient. But many people make the mistake of over decorating the display. As a result, instead of focusing on the product on the display, customers are left looking at the decoration alone. This is bad practice. Do not let the focus shift away from the product. Only add in minimal decoration. And if the display looks too much clunky with decoration, then clear it up.


Color plays an important role in shaping a person’s thoughts about anything that they see. As such, you must ensure that the product being displayed, contrasts or complements the background perfectly. If you are looking to create a calm, sleek and professional feeling to the displayed product, make sure that the product’s color complements the background. For example, you can display a grey iPhone on a cream background. And if you are looking to create a feeling of youthfulness and boldness, try using a product whose colors contrasts with the background. For example, an orange colored smartphone displayed on a white & cream striped background.

Use Patterns

An easy way to use products to create a mesmerizing impression in the minds of customers is

to arrange them in patterns. Human beings are naturally attracted to patterns, no matter how simple or complex they are. And you should definitely use this pattern affinity in the displaying the product. For example, suppose you have to sell 100 cartons of milk. In the normal circumstance, you might just throw them in an open box. Instead, try arranging the boxes as a pyramid. This simple change in presentation will be far more successful in attracting customers to the milk cartons.

Use The Power Of Odd Numbers

People usually look at the middle product of any set of products. So, if you need to highlight any product, then place it in the center of a set of products. For example, you can place a big box of chocolate right in the middle of 2 other products. Doing so will draw the attention of the customer straight to the middle chocolate box.

Try to use the above techniques while arranging your products, and you are sure to display the products much better. And if you need any store supplies or retail fixtures for improving product presentation, consider checking out the Melvin Roos Company, who is known to provide top notch product display solutions.