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SAMINA… You Need for Healthy Sleep


Regeneration and Vitality

Sleep represents an essential recuperation handle for body, mind and soul. Such a great amount of relies on upon Sleep: well-being, execution level and a conclusion flourishing. More people experience the evil impacts of sleeping disarranges and back issues. According to the Swiss Rheumatism Association, more than 50 % of the masses encounters extraordinary back issues and 90 % of the people has guided an authority at any rate once due to back issues. This is no irrelevant event. These issues rise up out of the world we live in and from causes that we can recognise, for example the wrong bed.

SAMINA joins the eventual outcomes of forefront Sleep investigate with essentials made by pros, orthopaedic authorities, counsellors and regular well-being aces. We put the guidelines of strong Sleep, taken from the investigation of living-space science, into practice without deal. The result is an aggregate Sleeping system that joins the moderating and regenerative essentialness of natural materials for instance, wood, virgin sheep’s wool, natural rubber and cotton. This is one of the essential reasons why more people are picking SAMINA as their assistant for the “sleeping third” of their life.

Cases of conquering difficulty from a colossal number of satisfied SAMINA customers speak to themselves – around the globe. Simply the best is adequate for healthy Sleep.


Balanced Environment… Point Elasticity

The SAMINA Royal virgin wool pad outlines the top layer of the three-segment SAMINA Royal. It is loaded with 100 % naturally dynamic virgin wool of best Merino quality, giving a flawless dry-warm bed environment. wool fiber in its ordinary state stores sogginess proportionate to more than 33% of its own weight The ensuing dry warmth allows you to Sleep effectively and has an antagonistic to rheumatic effect.

The cover is made of unadulterated cotton that inhales and is sensitive on the skin. SAMINA Royal wool is fortified using a work raised spotted cross-line technique. This avoids cold platforms and makes the extraordinary SAMINA bed environment.

The SAMINA Royal common elastic bedding pad viably trades the action and properties of the bolster diagram. It is portrayed by particularly high point adaptability and an extraordinarily not too bad adaptability. With SAMINA, you can verify that the bedding focus contains 100 % normal elastic.

Perfect in all Reclining Positions

The SAMINA Royal Sleeping system moreover offers a movement of cutting edge ruffle made of healthy beech wood.The SAMINA examining upright contains no metal and affirmations an anatomically right spinal position furthermore fragile arranging of the joints while you are scrutinizing in bed. The SAMINA Imperial relaxing layout puts your spine when lying slanted in an relaxing position. It is used for accommodating purposes for brief timeframes, particularly to facilitate the spinal circles taking after a clamoring day, as opposed to for sleeping. You can use outstanding wedges to raise the head and foot areas by around 4 cm.

You can use the foundation set to quickly change your bed into a really healthy SAMINA bed. The scrutinizing upright, the relaxing layout furthermore the head and foot wedges can be incorporated at whatever point. Clearly we can do the entire foundation for you on request.


Marvelous Duvets and Pillows

This is a point of view that makes us particularly satisfied, and you can be happy moreover. The wool fillings in SAMINA duvets and pads contain only 100 % actually dynamic virgin wool of high-survey Merino quality taken from unfenced sheep. Virgin sheep wool is one of the best climatic strands in nearness. It is effectively warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the mid year. Its remarkable ability to store clamminess proportionate to around 30 % of its own weight and rapidly release it to air in the room makes virgin sheep’s wool an immaculate filling material.

The SAMINA Four Seasons duvet has a pure untreated cotton covering and what’s more the quality benefits of whole yarn. Made using a work concentrated cross-join set it up, is cuddly, fluid and basically radiant. It involves a light summer duvet and a warm collect time duvet. Both duvets are also available freely in all standard duvet sizes. You can now furthermore get the new thin, vaporous “Midsummer Night’s Dream” duvet made for the stature out of the late spring.

The right pad is moreover basic for orthopedic reasons and to keep up the most ideal bed environment. Do you normally consider your side, your back or your stomach? One of the 8 SAMINA pads is sure to be your top pick.


Sleeping Better Improves Success

Best contenders and effective people swear by the healthy Sleep they get from SAMINA. The relationship between healthy, relaxing Sleep and physical and mental execution levels has been known for a long time. The execution demands set on present day man continue expanding. New advances incite to astoundingly quick change.

The good news is that from the beginning stage, man has been displayed to conditions that have continually changed at a growing rate. He has met this test and has created with it. He will continue doing as such later on. The crucial thing is to keep up the correct relationship amongst strain and relaxing. Take short breaks in the midst of the day. They give you reestablished quality. Use your events and free days to “turn of”.

Additionally, make the best conditions for Sleeping. This allows you to make the best usage of the relaxing and recuperation arrange in the midst of the night