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Winter Skin Care for Your Skin Type!

I don’t believe only i’m the point at which I say that winter time makes my skin super dry, irritated and tight! That’s because the air outside is a lot drier than during the summer, , and the warmers inside totally dry out the air. The outcomes are both dry and dried out skin (what’s the difference between the two? Dry skin lacks oils and results in dry patches on the skin, while dehydrated skin lacks water and feels very tight and uncomfortable without necessarily showing any signs of dryness..) That’s the reason it’s important to update your healthy skin regimen to one that is all the more nourishing. Sadly, there isn’t one full proof skincare regimen that works for everybody, which is the reason I’ve put together schedules as per different skin types! Let’s Started!

Oily/Combination Skin


Oily skin might not get those dry patches but just because it produces excess sebum doesn’t make it immune to lack of hydration! You’re routine needs to a good Cleanser that won’t totally strip your skin of its natural oils while using a moisturiser that will implant your skin with lots of water.

Cleanser: Given the fact that oil attracts in oil and soil (and is powerful enough to break down waterproof makeup! Yeah!), using an oil cleanser is an awesome approach to efficiently remove all the excess sebum and soil from your face without over drying your skin (don’t stress, molecules from the oils are too big to clog your proes so you won’t get any breakouts). I understand, given your skin as of now has excess oils, spreading considerably more oils over it won’t not appealing. That is the reason I suggest using a Angelica Glowing Gel Cleanser like this one by L’Occitane (you’ll get the same benefits as other oil cleansers but with a gel texture).

Toner: I highly recommended using a Avene Thermale Cleanance MAT Mattifying Toner as a toner. “What is that?” you may ask? It’s a water that contains little micelles which act like magnets: one side is attract in to water while the other is attract in to dirt and oil.

So while you swipe down your face with a cotton pad soaked with the formula, it will take hold of anything your cleanser may have missed leaving your skin refreshed. They’re also planned with hydrating fixings, for example, rose water which won’t leave your skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. That way you’re sure to remove any oils left all over while keeping your skin hydrated. I absolutely love this one by Avene Thermale Gentle Toner.

Moisturizer: In the mid year you may have been using a moisturizer, but with this climate I suggest taking it up an indent with either a gel moisturizer or a soft moisturizer. My most loved is the Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer from NARS: Advanced treatment provides a surge of hydration anytime—during the day or overnight—leaving skin ultra-soft, vibrant and filled with visible youth-boosting benefits. Skin feels comfortable, calm and soothed.

Normal Skin


you genetically blessed you! No glossy T-zone, no dry patches and no flaws (how fortunate)! People with normal skin certainly have it the easiest but even they can’t battle dehydration and dullness which is why I highly recommend a skincare regimen that will mostly work on your skin’s radiance and water retention!

cleanser: Because it’s winter, I highly recommended using a moisturizer cleanser or an oil cleaning agent since both make an awesome job with cleaning your skin without drying it out. One of my most loved oil cleansers is natural extra virgin olive oil and I unquestionably recommended Mousse Eclat Express Clarifying Self-Foaming Cleanser

Toner: Since we need to concentrate on your skin’s radiance, it will be important to expand your skin cells’ turnover (how quick the dead/old skin cells are replaced with the new ones). Dullness is frequently created by dead skin cells that are simply sitting on your face waiting to fall off and give way to new cells. That is the reason I recommended a tender every day exfoliator in light of the fact that this product will dispose of those undesirable cells, guaranteeing you apply your moisturizer just to new cells.

Moisturizer: The best moisturizers to work a shot at your skin’s radiance and hydration are the ones from the “first sign of aging” lines (in light of the fact that dull skin is the first sign of aging). One of my most loved is (I think you know I love this brand at this point ) Roll for Zoom Larger View Laura Mercier Mega Moisturizer which keeps your skin supported and hydrated while doing wonders for your complexion!

Dry Skin


If dry skin is your issue then winter unquestionably made an enemy out of you. Already your skin doesn’t create enough oils and now Mother Nature decides to totally dry out the very air you breath. But, fuss not! The skin care industry is loaded with products that will make your dry patches a thing of past!

cleanser: I definitely suggest using either an oil cleaser or an balm cleanser. Both’ll be to a extermly effective at giving your skin the additional oils it needs while cleaning it. Try Organic extra virgin olive oil or Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.

Toner: Picking a toner that will be gentle on your skin, that will help it hold its Moisture and that will battle against dryness is key here. Fortunate for us, rose oil and rose water do these things (and more)! Try to look for a toner that contains a some.

Moisturizer: So not just should your moisturizer be rich in terms of oils however it also needs to help your skin hold its water. I swear by Nuxe Body 24 Hour Moisturizer (saved my skin when it was at the worst)! If you have an instance of the “Oh my gosh! My skin has dry patches all over and it’s getting red and irritated! I don’t know what to do!” Use this cream, mixing in a bit of their Skin Rescuer, and you’ll see and feel a difference within the first couple days!

Sensitive Skin


Sensitive Skin responds very easily to any harsh ingredients and has a tendency to get red and extermly irritated when exposed to winter cold. That is the reason it’s super critical to use products that are as Natural as possible with ingredients that will nourish your skin and protect it against the weather.

Cleanser: For your skin type we need to use a cleaning agent that won’t require you to rinse it off (water, particularly in the winter, is somewhat cruel on the skin and makes it feel truly tight). That is the reason I suggest using a cream cleanser like Avene Eau Thermale Gentle Milk Cleanser which just requires you to use a small amount on a cotton pad and swipe it down your face (it feels so pleasant and calming.)

Toner: Just like for dry skin, finding a toner with rose water in it will do attracts for your skin since it’ll decreases redness and skin irritation all while keeping your skin comfortable.

Moisturizer: Finding a good moisturizer that will protect your skin against the harsh cold wind, and prevent redness and irritation is key here! So far my most loved has been Sisley Phyto-Blanc Lightening Toning Lotion

Give our skin some extra love!


Having a three step healthy skin regimen is the absolute minimum as far as keeping up your skin’s health . If you find that your skin is in a really bad shape and needs a bit of something additional here are a few steps you can add to your schedule!

Exfoliating: During cool dry climate our skin cells dry out really fast and die. If that you don’t exfoliate (either with a peel or a good scrub once or twice a week, or a daily exfoliator) you’ll get dull looking skin and will apply your moisturizer onto dead cells as opposed to the new ones that require these nutrients! Some of my top picks are Lancome Tonique Eclat Clarifying Exfoliating toner (the warming impact expands the pores so sebum, soil and even clogged pores will turn out more effectively) and Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner

Using Mask: After getting rid of those dead skin cells it’s super important to give the new ones that help of hydration they require! I highly recommended using a mask once or twice a week (depending how regularly you exfoliate ) using a mask that will infuse your skin with lots and lots of water! My favorites? Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque and Lancôme Hydra-Intense Masque.

Using Serum: If like me your skin gets dried out super-quick (regardless of what number of liters of water you drink) applying a day by day hydrating serum before your moisturizer will help getting rid of tight uncomfortable feeling. The best one I’ve tried so far is Kerstin Florian Hyaluronic Serum (it will soothe your skin immediately and won’t leave you looking oily).