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SAMINA Bio-Ceramic for blissful warmth

The merging of various minerals enables the unique SAMINA Bio-Ceramic mattress toppers, duvets and pillows to absorb and store the infrared radiation of daylight for fantastically warm sleeping pleasure.


In collaboration with experts, SAMINA succeeded with regards to consolidating the unique strengths of different minerals with natural cotton bringing about the exceptional cotton-ceramic fabric called Bio-Ceramic. With Bio-Ceramic bedding, warmth and dampness amid rest is ideally adjusted. Bio-Ceramic bedding additionally advances detoxification, relaxation and reduces weight on the body and ensuring more prominent vitality.

  • Packaging: extraordinary Bio-Ceramics and cotton fabric
  • Filling: 100 % natural sheep’s wool
  • Delicate and supple bed materials
  • Ideal warm and dampness adjust
  • Solid infrared radiation through body warm
  • Ideal adjust of body’s regular energies
  • Especially significant for individuals who feel chilly rapidly and
  • have a higher interest for warmth amid rest

It’s about the casing


An exceptional blend of 60% natural cotton and 40% bio-ceramic yarn is the reason for another advancement from SAMINA. The immaculate, natural SAMINA virgin sheep’s wool is wrapped in this regular fabric making delicate and supple mattress toppers, pads and duvets to make a dry and comfortable warm bed atmosphere.

Sound infrared radiation through Bio-Ceramic fabric


The converging of different minerals gives the bio-ceramic woven fabric the capacity to absorb and store the infrared radiation of sunlight. Around evening time, this infrared radiation is initiated by body warmth and discharged to the body. Infrared beams have a demonstrated beneficial outcome on the human body advancing critical micro circulation accordingly ensuring an ideal adjust of the body’s normal vitality.