SAMINA Organic Mattresses

SAMINA Organic Mattresses

Natural Mattresses for Naturally Healthy Sleep


SAMINA began is still an association promoting healthy sleep through organic mattresss and corresponding segments covering every piece of actually solid sleep. The association’s unassuming beginnings started in 1989 in Frastanz, Austria. According to SAMINA creator, Dr. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, he developed the organic mattresss and other SAMINA healthy sleep things to “imconsultantve the quality of peoples’ lives” with the desire to finish “better sleep and living more consultantfitable, fitter, and more effective lives.” A famous sleep specialist and wellbeing master, he’s in like manner the author of untouchable books including Healthy Sleep and Sleep for Youth, Fitness, and Success. Being on the bleeding edge of sleep research, Dr. Amann-Jennson has added to the examination by making solid sleep things that are effective, eco-friendly and healthy life-changing. His work has been perceived by his partners, different respects and special doctorates for his duties to sleep solution examine.

The Ideal Way to Sleep


Between sleeping, snuggling, and sex, you spend an awesome part of the day in bed making a healthy mattress an excess as well as rather a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason the solid sleep system was presented in any defense: just with healthy sleep is it possible to have a sound healthy lifestyle! At SAMINA, the things are had to effect your healthy lifestyle, not just offer you a decent night’s sleep. Delivered utilizing organic and characteristic materials solely including 100% natural rubber, the natural sleeping pads used as a part of the system are lightweight and solid. The SAMINA sleep system offers a really supportive response for various sleep issues people may persevere. SAMINA understands that sleep is the most basic bit of going ahead with a healthy lifestylestyle. Without consultantper sleep, people don’t ability to their real potential amid the day. Additionally, without consultantper sleep, your body and psyche won’t subside into the unwinding state they should and you won’t benefit by the various accommodating methods that happen exactly when you sleep, for instance, detoxifying, restoring your immune system, conforming your hormones, so forward. You smolder through 1/3 of your entire healthy lifestyle in bed. sleeping in SAMINA makes every minute in bed check.

The SAMINA Experience



Tiffany Paige from “Green with Tiffany” conversed with sleep master and our own particular exceptional Managing Director, Claus Pummer at the Green Festival Expo held for the present year. Claus speaked with Tiffany around several the benefits of SAMINA’S Sleep System and Tiffany got a amazing firsthand involvement in the matter of what it felt like to lay on the versatile support slat frame. Claus reveals to Tiffany that as one a player in the Sleep System the double sided slat frame, with regular elastic, actually underpins the spine for a decent night’s sleep. Watch Tiffany having some great circumstances at our corner at the Green Festival Expo, trying different things with the wooden slat frame for herself!

A healthy sleep Starts Here


As the American arm of the European association, we’ve made their healthy sleep things open to people in the United States and Canada. With more zones coming in the accompanying couple of years we’re amped up for giving customers in America and Canada “just healthy sleep” with SAMINA. The SAMINA sleep consultants at the bedding store can answer any inquiries you have about the things and are set up to comprehend human sleep so they may guide all of only you specific sleeporative and sleep needs. We keep up a couple of ranges and our pioneer American natural sleeping pad store is discovered accommodatingly in sunny Pasadena, California. With additional ranges opening soon and a creating rundown of subsidiary accomplices nation, call to arrange an arrangement to talk a sleep consultant today.