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Sheep Sleep

SAMINA’s wool comforters are filled by hand with sheep’s wool and covered in rich twisted cotton, either Bio-ceramic® or Pure Wool. SAMINA understands that your body temperature in bed is principal for a restful sleep. Have you ever woken up focus of the night since you’re too much cool or illogicallly hot? The standard wool lounge ability can hold around 30% of its own weight in moistness. The moisture evaporates into the air in setting of SAMINA’s outdoors framework, which makes your bed a warm, dry, agreeable place. The wool comforters are available in assortment of sizes to fit any size bed, with a couple of basic styles to pick keenly contrasting and your atmosphere. Here is a look at the comforters, in like way called duvets, SAMINA offers.




Natural Change

Midsummer Night Dream Duvet: The lightest of the wool comforters, this one is perfect for environments with year-round more warmer temperatures or for astoundingly hot summer nights. The lightweight gives it a vaporous vibe that doesn’t stifle out you in the all the all the all the more smoking nighttimes.

Summer Duvet: A light and airy wool filled duvet twice as basic as the additional light Midsummer Night Dream duvet, is ideal for warm summer months and more temperature airs.

Spring/Autumn Duvet: As temperatures move from cold to cool in the spring or from warm to cool in the fall, this duvet is thicker and double the largeness of the Summer duvet. There’s extra filling of virgin sheep’s wool alters your body temperature in bed keeping you astounding and fulfilling as the temperatures get cooler.

Four Seasons Duvet: A Four Seasons duvet is made by joining either the Midnight Summer duvet with the Summer duvet or the Summer duvet with the Spring/Autumn duvet. Every duvet keeps running with ties as an idea in side that are simplely appended to make a Four Seasons wool duvet. The blend it’s difficult to recognize, yet it’s authentic for you depends on upon your atmosphere, the length and reality of your winter months or your own specific develop solitary slant especially since the mix with the Spring/Autumn duvet comprehends a much heavier cover.