Samina Duvet Comforter

Samina Duvet Comforter

For amidst seasons you can use our spring/autumn duvet and keep up a perfect bed climate.

promise you appreciate a perfect bed environment in all seasons. The duvets are filled by hand, sewn and settled point-wise, so warm expansions are stayed away from. The cover is delivered utilizing 100% cotton.


An amicable bed air is in a general sense basic for restorative and healthy sleep. All wool fillings in SAMINA bedding are, regardless, created utilizing 100 % normal virgin sheep’s wool with an abnormal state of self-cleaning limit, and gained from sheep that run wild. Virgin sheep’s wool is absolutely one of the best environment strands – in winter effectively warm and in summer charmingly cool.

Its outstanding ability to retain around 30 % of its own weight in clamminess which is then vanished into the quality of the room make virgin sheep’s wool an immaculate filling. SAMINA duvets are simply shocking; fragile to the touch and with a skimming quality. The cover is created utilizing regular cotton ticking as a part of bowed yarn quality, finished with cross-sewing.


The SAMINA four seasons duvet gives a perfect bed climate to all seasons. It includes a vaporous summer duvet and a warm spring/fall duvet. For the frosty winter nighttimes the two can be united to a winter duvet. Moreover inside the range, a light and vaporous summer duvet “Spring and Autum Duvet”.