iPhone 7 Review

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are profoundly surprising gadgets. They are loaded with forceful breaks from tradition while wrapped in cases that look precisely like their two direct antecedents. Indeed, even that coherence of outline is a break from tradition; after very nearly 10 years of Apple’s consistent two-year iPhone redesign design, only holding a similar plan for a third straight year plays against desires.

Inside that case, everything else about the iPhone 7 is a definitive articulation about what’s to come. The double cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus guarantee to introduce another time in versatile photography. The famous iPhone home catch is no more extended a physical catch, however rather an advanced expressive dance of weight sensors and haptic vibration engines that reproduce the vibe of a catch. The new A10 Fusion processor mixes two high-control centres that opponent portable PC execution with two low-control centres that consolidate with a much bigger battery to stretch out run time by up to two hours. (more…)

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Revolution in Battery Technology Changing the World

The revolution in battery technology is accelerating and will soon change the auto industry beyond recognition. The same disruption might spell doomsday for big oil.

The price for lithium-ion batteries is falling so fast that it might soon be cheaper to drive an electric-powered car than a gas or diesel burner, Bloomberg New Energy Finance and McKinsey & Company reported. Battery costs have fallen by 65% since 2010 and costs will keep falling. (more…)

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