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Best Choice, SIM only or Contract?

If you are looking for a new mobile deal but are unsure if you want to go for a contract phone or SIM only deal. In this post, we will expand on the possible solutions, which would be best for you.

To simply ask which is better SIM only or contract, can be a complex question to answer as not everyone’s needs are the same. One person may be able to fork out for the latest phone upfront, where another person else may not be able to, but they may be able to manage smaller payments every month. Therefore, there is no one size that fits all, when it comes to a mobile contract plan.

There are many various types of contracts, it is best to find a comparison website that can assist you from the thousands of deals, which are currently available. SIM only contracts from make it easy for you to make such decisions or even finding mobile contract deals.

Pay a large amount upfront or pay a smaller amount monthly?

The reason why mobile contract phones are popular is that you do not have to pay for the whole phone upfront. You can pay for the phone and contract in monthly instalments for up to 12 or 24 months on a standard contract. In this deal you do not see a huge amount leave your pocket but pay a smaller amount every month. The networks subsidise the cost of the handset and you do overall pay more on a contract phone deal over the duration of the deal. Some estimates can put it to hundreds of pounds every year when compared to other types of deals.

You are also bound to the contract and cant upgrade the phone if you want to until your contract ends in 24 months, so there is a long-term contract aspect you will need to consider.

Buying the phone upfront

If you can save up and buy the phone upfront, you are then in a position to choose the best SIM only tariffs from a comparison site. Not only is there greater flexibility as you also will not be tied to one network provider and if you happen to go abroad you can simply insert a different SIM and get network services without being locked out. In addition, you can also choose the best SIM only deals and as some are on a monthly contract, you can change with only a month’s notice. You also save in the long term as networks charge a premium for contract phones, which they add to the cost of the deal every month.

SIM only for more savvy users

If you are more technology aware then perhaps SIM only is the best choice for you. You can sell off your handset when the latest gadget is on the market and do not have to worry about long contracts. If however, you make the same amount of calls and use the data allowance within your contract limits then contract phone deals is the way to go.