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Hugo Boss has uncovered the most recent campaign for its “The Boss Scent” aroma, where the craft of enchantment becomes the dominant focal point. Inside prestigious model Anna Ewers and British performing artist Theo James venture into part as a couple caught in an overwhelming snapshot of fascination.


With its sexy setting, warm golden conditioned lighting and the appeal and mystique of its two stars, the new “The Boss Scent” battle sees Anna Ewers and Theo James play a session of common seduction.This seductive story, heightened by sensual notes of “The Scent for Her”, and in addition the print commercial, BOSS likewise dispatched a film for the aroma. Coordinated by Darren Aronofsky, the forty-five second clasp recounts an alluring story set to The Weeknd’s ‘High for This’.

“The Boss Scent” is charged as a Seductive Fragrance , bringing the select new note of Maninka natural product to the universe of perfume.Designed by Jason Wu, the flacon for the new “The Scent for Her” from HUGO BOSS catches the juxtaposition of male and female components. Smooth, refined lines of the flacon that stream upwards and come full circle in a valuable sleeve button roused gem at the top – a ladylike turn on the famous BOSS sleeve fastener – while differentiating tones of champagne rose juice welcome a nearer look.The aroma outline enlivens the imagery of the notable BOSS sleeve button – and the possibility that, with a spot of the lock, the universes of male and female, style and scent, can converge into one.

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