What Value does BlowFish (BLOWF) Have?

The hope is that the low price will lead to a large Market Capitalization for BlowFish. The developers want a large Market Capitalization because they intend to make money by selling products on BlowFish rather than minting or selling coins.

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Are Tokenized Stocks a Good Idea?

A tokenized stock is a cryptocurrency that represents a share of stock held in a brokerage account. To buy the token you need to open a brokerage account.   A tokenized stock is the equity equivalent of a stablecoin.

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How Much Money did NVIDIA Make in 2020?

Sensibly, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) is doubling down on gaming.   For instance, The Verge reports NVIDIA will boost the frame rates on its 30 Series GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) by 10% in March. GPUs are the powerful computer processors on which today’s video games run.   The hope is the faster GPUs will increase game performance. However, The Verge notes that faster GPUS actually decrease performance in some games.   In addition, NVIDIA is trying to stop cryptocurrency miners from diverting its popular RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 graphics cards to mining, Tech Radar reports. The super-fast cards are perfect for miners who want to mine (create) enormous amounts of cryptocurrency. Sky-high Bitcoin (BTC) prices are driving a crypto bubble and increasing mining’s popularity.  

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